What Our Patients Say

What Our Patients Say



Dr. Smoler and his staff are so nice. They all made it very easy to have my implants and crowns done at their office.

Shirlee J.

I retired down to Florida about 3 years ago. I still come back to visit my family and friends 3-4 times a year. One of my first calls I make is to Dr. Smoler's office to set-up my cleaning appointment. They tell me that there are other dentist in Florida, but when you are used treated so nicely for so many decades, it makes it difficult to go anyplace else.

George M.

As a life long dental coward, I was so relieved to have IV sleep sedation for my dental work. Dr. Smoler took care of 5 root canals at 1 time for me. Without Dr. Smoler's treatment it would have been me years of pain and frustration to have those teeth fixed. His office is wonderful.

Linda K.

I have been to many dentists over the last 15 years. They all have tried to fix my bite, my teeth and my smile. As soon as they would get started with one area of treatment, another area would break down. Then by the time they got around to fixing the second area that broke, the first area would be going bad. I was very frustrated and upset going to the dentist until I was referred to see Dr. Smoler by a neighbor. In a very organized way we went through each tooth with a camera to show how to fix my problems. The IV Sedation was great. I was able to replace my missing teeth and fix my smile and my bite with no pain or problems. It wasn't the easiest on my finances, but his staff made it affordable. Going to the dentist now is really easy at Dr. Smoler's office.

Jerry M.

I love my new smile. It's great. I feel terrific. I went to sleep, felt no pain and woke up with a huge improvement in my smile. Thanks Dr. Smoler.

Sandy P.

All my adult life, dentists have told me what a mess my bite and jaw problem were. A few of them tried to help me, but they did not seem to know how to fix my bad bite. I was referred to see Dr. Smoler. Step by step we fixed my bad bite and got me out of jaw pain for the first time in years. He was then able to fix my teeth so I could chew properly and evenly. Man what a difference. I don't know why other dentists’ couldn’t do the same thing for me years ago.

Bob T.