What Our Patients Say

What Our Patients Say

Smoler Smiles makes Dental Magic Happen. See what our patients say about our world class care!

Dr. Smoler and the staff here are so kind and understanding. You feel like they truly will do everything they can in order to alleviate any nervousness, or anxiety you may feel about going to the dentist. I myself was very embarrassed, and nervous about going to a dentist for years as my teeth are in pretty bad shape. I have been made to feel very comfortable and safe by the staff; and most importantly they are skilled and do very good work. I feel very confident in finally pursuing a plan to better my dental heath.

I M.

Dr. Smoler and his staff are very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable and explained to me my treatment options and a breakdown of all the charges. There was no pressure for any kind of treatment. After all the explanation they let me decide. I would definitely recommend Dr Smoler.

Rekha S.

Dr. Smoler's office is known for their superior patient care and the reputation is well deserved. I'm very thankful for the relationship I have with the staff and Dr. Smoler. They have made me feel very special from my first visit to my last. I appreciate how systematic they have been about all my dental needs and how they worked with me to get the smile I have always wanted. Smoler Smiles has changed my outlook on going to the dentist and I can't express enough the numerous compliments I get on my smile. The best part is, I can't remember a single uncomfortable experience. Talk about painless dentistry!!! Thank you for restoring my faith in good people and especially in dentistry.

Gail H.

I've been a patient in the Smoler practice for five years and recently I had the opportunity to be seen by Dr. Zoma... I couldn't be more pleased. As an "aging" patient I required a number of crowns and a couple of fillings as part of my long-term care. I'm never really "excited" about 1) visiting the dentist or 2) spending money... I've now been seen by Dr. Zoma four times now over the past 4 months and she is really, really good. In my opinion Dr. Zoma excels in three key areas: 1) She's professional and a perfectionist - let's be honest no one wants a slouch when your teeth are concerned... she did all the work, never handed off to an assistant to close or do the trivial issues... she was accountable and "communicated" what she was doing - I was always in the know 2) She honestly cares - has a great chair-side manner and treats her staff with respect... she even called me on her way home after a rather complex procedure to ensure everything was OK.... this personal attention to excellence is very much appreciated 3) Highly functional. Appointments are on time, costs are discussed prior to the work (at my request) and she provided a number of scenarios for "me" to consider and select -- benefits / risks were clearly outlined The Smoler team is really solid and I would offer my personal recommendation without question.

Leo B.

Dr. Smoler and his father have been my dentist for almost 35 years. They are knowledgeable and try to help everyone have their very best smile.

Kimberly T.

Dr. Smoler and his staff are incredibly friendly. They made me feel very comfortable from the beginning and throughout the process. The staff is very personable and make you feel as if you are at home. In all my years seeing a dentist I have never felt more comfortable and informed as I did with this office. It seems there is really nothing he and his group can't do which they use to provide a plan and an array of options, with NO PRESSURE, to giving you the best dental health possible.

Ronnie S. T.

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