Financial Options

Financial Options

Smoler Smiles has many financial options and we participate with most insurance plans available. We accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as Delta Dental. We are not a limited procedure or restricted plan provider. The best dental insurance plan options are the ones that allow the patients to choose their dentists; not from a limited list in a book or a mandatory office where the care and dental services may be limited or restricted. We understand the financial impact advanced dental care may have and we always try to maximize your dental benefits.

Payment Options

We accept the following payment options: cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and debit cards.

Financial Options

We also have extended payment option plans that you can apply for online at,, and

CareCredit  Lending Club

I'm a single, working mom on a limited income. My dental insurance was unable to cover the full cost of pulling some wisdom teeth that I needed extracted. Thank goodness for CareCredit! I was able to cover the cost and spend quality time with my 2 sons without worrying about where I was going to come up with the additional funds. Thank you Care Credit!

Gina R.

With my CareCredit account and Smoler Smiles I was able to have my smile corrected. I have had life-long struggle with bad alignment of my teeth and jaw the new implants have completely changed my life. I am now able to smile with confidence. My 9 grandchildren give me lots of reasons to smile, so thank you, CareCredit and Smoler Smiles!

Kathy L.

The first time CareCredit helped our family was when my oldest son needed his wisdom teeth removed. My wife was laid off and money was tight. CareCredit was a life saver for our family allowing our son to get the dental care he needed and us to pay for it over time...

Steve W.

I am so happy that I applied for the CareCredit card. My daughter was married this past May and I was not going to miss being in those photos! With a new Smoler Smile and a line of budget friendly credit, I couldn’t stop smiling for every photo!


My teeth started to decay and were very yellow I was embarrassed to smile big. Because of Care Credit and easy payments, I have an amazing healthy Smoler Smile.

Jennifer T.